President - Sarah Ives

Hello! My name’s Sarah and I’m the President of KCL Obstetrics and Gynaecology society this year. I joined the committee last year as a social events officer after attending the Obs and Gynae annual conference and being really impressed with it! What I love about this speciality is the vastness of the topics and skills it encapsulates; from ethical issues surrounding abortion to the surgical skills required to carry out a procedure. At the moment I am particularly interested in the obstetrics side, as I feel pregnancy is such a unique part of someone’s life and so being able to play a role in that seems a real privilege. 

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Co-Vice President - Jess Mulholland

Hi, I'm Jess. I joined the society last year as a secretary and enjoyed it so much I went for co-VP this year! Basically I love babies and think the physiology of pregnancy is incredible. It's exciting to share this with other people during our mini series of lectures and revision events throughout the year.

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Co-Vice President - Sara Yermian

Hello world, my name is Sara. I’m returning for my third year on O&G committee in my final year of medical school. I love the breadth of women’s health as a specialty and the opportunities it offers in both medicine and surgery. But most of all nothing beats being able to help women throughout one of the most memorable times of their life. Through my time in O&G soc I hope to inspire and inform student about women’s health issues and this amazing specialty.

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Secretary - Rebecca Stearns

I am a 4th year medical student, and I intercalated in Medical Genetics after my 2nd year. It was through the O&G society events in my second year that I began to learn about O&G as a specialty and realised it was what I wanted to do. I am fascinated by a career that allows you to be involved in both medicine and surgery, and gives you the chance to be an advocate for women and their health throughout their lives. However the most exciting part of the specialty for me is the incredible opportunity to be involved in some of the most intimate moments of a woman’s life, and their family’s journey.


Treasurer - Anusiya Vaseekaran

My name is Anusiya and I'm a final year medical student, and the treasures on the Obs and Gynae Committee. My interest in O+G stems from my school work experience days when I saw my first ever C-section, which is still to date one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. Since then, from doing the women's health iBSc and my O+G placement, my interest in O+G has only grown. Not only is it a great combination of medicine and surgery, but it's also incredibly rewarding, and I hope we can help inspire others to see what an exciting speciality it is!


Head of Media - Kat Parkin

Hi, I'm Kat and I'm new to committee this year! I plan on showing you how amazing KCL ObG Soc is through our various media platforms! I love ObG because it is so varied and its such a privilege to be involved in the journey resulting in childbirth! I am particularly interested in the sub-speciality of Maternal and Foetal medicine, as the ability to influence a baby before it is even born is, I believe  a rare and special opportunity!

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Events Officer - Beth Chung

Hello I'm Beth and I'm the Event's Officer for this year! I think Obs and Gyn is a great speciality; what more is better than the gift of life!? I did Women's Health as a BSc as I have always been interested in fertility and now current technologies such as IVF and PGD make the field even more exciting. I decided to join this society to meet those with similar interests as me. I put myself up to be the events officer as I want to put on events that people can enjoy but also see what  Obs and Gyn as a speciality is able to offer. I hope to see you at one of our events soon! 


Events Officer - Claire Dyer

Hi I'm Claire one of the Events Officers! I'm a medical student currently studying the Women's Health iBSc. After much research and work experience, the idea of a career in Obs and Gynae is what finalised the decision to study medicine for me. Thought provoking talks and discussions by the society last year drove me to become a part of the committee. I hope that this year we can deliver even more exciting events to further develop fellow students' interests!

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Pre-Clinical Rep - Tania Usman

I am in my 2nd year of study at King's College London. I am one of the preclinical representative for the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society. In my role, I aim to keep the committee members updated with the Year 2 timeline, represent the views and needs of the students in my year group and advertise events. I find O&G interesting because I am passionate about women's health and it is the perfect mix of medicine and surgery for me.

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Pre-Clinical Rep - Elsa Desmond

I am a second year medical student and this will be my second year in the committee. I love obstetrics and gynaecology because it has a mix of both medical and surgery and overlaps with so many other specialities.

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3rd Year Rep - Rathai Balasu-bramaniam

Hey! I'm Rathai, 3rd year medical student and clinical rep for Obs and Gynae Society this year. My interest in this field has grown into a passion throughout my time at university; it's challenging yet rewarding nature drew me towards this specialty.


3rd Year Rep - Priya Sekhon

I’m a third year medical student in the pursuit of following a career in obstetrics and gynaecology. My role as a third year clinical rep involves liaising society information to students and coordinating events. Prior to King’s I have completed a BSc in Biomedical Sciences which included modules in reproductive science and embryology. I look forward to working with the committee to provide medical students revision support and general information about obstetrics and gynaecology.

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4th Year Rep - Aasmita Gautam

I have always been interested in the development of a baby/foetus from conception up until birth. I think this sparked my interest in O&G as a specialty really. The range of work available in O&G is enormous and never the same. I also like the idea that you can get involved in both medicine and surgery, something most other specialities can't offer. Having done iBSc in Women's health and the O&G summer school here at King's has only confirmed my interest! I look forward to being on the committee and helping many more people learn about the great field that is O&G!


4th Year Rep - Roisin Hegarty O'Dowd

I am currently a fourth year medic at GKT. I have enjoyed women' health since our introduction to the area in pre-clinical years. My interest really took off during my iBSc year in Global Health, whilst learning about international progress that has been made in maternal and newborn health and the challenges that remain. I'm excited to experience obstetrics & gynaecology this year during my women's health (WH) rotation. As a fourth year rep, I am looking forward to getting involved in events and hoping we can provide support to all students during the year!

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5th Year Rep - Cat Fernyhough

I'm a final year medic and after loving my module on fertility in Bsc year I did the Obs and Gynae summer school at St Thomas'. I find the hormonal and fertility side fascinating- I still don't really understand how the human body manages it! 

I'm looking forward to all the events we have planned this year and hope to see you all there :)