Intercalated BSc in Women's Health

The intercalated degree is a one-year BSc programme which gives you the opportunity to study the subjects of your choice in greater depth. It can be taken after the second, third or fourth year of study and is particularly useful if you plan a research career in medicine.  Source: KCL Intercalated BSc website

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Previous Intercalated BSc Students

Women's Health offers greater perspective of the physiology responsible for reproduction and a broader understanding of assisted conception. The course encourages you to read and critique scientific papers, teaching really useful analytical skills.
One of the best aspects of Women's Health is the extensive range of dissertation topics offered; which gives the chance to undertake a lab project, clinical study or literary review. This may seem daunting but the support offered by the supervisors is brilliant.
Personally I enjoyed this BSc, and it gave me valuable skills in assessing scientific papers as well as the amazing opportunity to work in a lab, that I otherwise wouldn't have had. If you are interested in physiology, reproduction and a self-directed project I recommend this BSc for you.

- Jennifer Boyes, BSc Women's Health 2014-15