RSH Mock OSCE for MBBS4 Students

To help MBBS4 students currently studying obstetrics & gynaecology, our hugely popular RSH* mock OSCE is back again on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2016!

Current final years who did the mock OSCE last year will remember how useful it was for MBBS4 OSCEs so we are looking at you guys to volunteer!  This event is made possible by volunteers from all year groups so we are currently looking for:
- MBBS1-4 students as station guides or simulated patients.
- Final year medical students and doctors to be station examiners.

This is not only a great opportunity to practice topics that will come up in the RSH OSCEs for MBBS4 students, but also for upcoming finals and to help out the current MBBS4 students.

Volunteers will be awarded a certificate from the society to grow your portfolios and to acknowledge your valuable contribution to this teaching event!

Free refreshments and lunch will be provided for those able to stay for both the morning and afternoon.


*Reproductive and Sexual Health